Web Design / Development

  • Hourly (Informational / Blog Designs): $40
  • Hourly (E-Commerce / Shops): $50
  • Average Estimate: $200 - $700

Like our website? We can build a site for you too. We generally work in WordPress when building informational sites (like ours) and blogs, though we are open to using other software if requested.

We are capable of both ground up theme/layout and plugin development, (we coded every little bit of our site). We can also work with existing plugins, and customize existing site themes/layouts in order to help reduce development time to fit your budget.

Our sites are always built responsive and mobile friendly so that your visitors can view them effectively from pretty much any device. And we will never blatantly advertise ourselves on your site, though we appreciate referrals and we may show your site to other clients with your consent.

If you currently do not possess a place to host your website, we can assist you with purchasing your web hosting service from a reputable provider. We do not re-sell hosting as we feel it is better for you to have complete control over your server with no middle man in-between.

For informational sites that are expecting low to moderate amounts of traffic, we typically recommend a lower cost shared hosting plan. These hosting plans tend to range in price between $4 to $15 dollars a month.

For E-Commerce / Shopping sites which are expected to experience heavy traffic, or in general, any site expecting heavy traffic; we recommend you purchase a VPS or Dedicated Hosting as opposed to Shared Hosting. We will help you determine what type of hosting is correct for your site if you are unsure.

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