Web Maintenance

  • Monthly: $85
  • Monthly With Marketing: discounted to $75

* Discounted when using us for online marketing.

With our web maintenance service, we will look after your server and keep the software powering your site up to date and configured securely. We will perform periodic backups of your site or set up automated backups if possible, and restore or repair your site on demand if it is ever hacked, exploited, or broken due to software upgrades.

If your site (or another site that once used your current domain) happens to have been exploited in the past, your domain is likely listed on several if not dozens of anti-malware blacklists. Being on these blacklists may prevent users with certain anti-virus software from visiting your website. We have experience with meticulously contacting these blacklist providers to have your domain re-evaluated after your site is cleaned of malicious content.

We will also make sure that your certificates, domain, and hosting successfully renew without billing issues at the end of their billing cycle.

We do not limit site maintenance to those who we have built sites for, we will maintain and help make changes to sites that have already been built for you.

We are also not limited to maintaining PHP-based CMS sites, we are experienced with numerous programming languages and platforms. We are familiar with both *Nix and Windows based hosting environments and are most experienced in Mono/.NET C# and Python. We may quote higher rates for maintaining/building more complex sites which are not built on WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla or Drupal etc..

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