Primary Service Rates

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For most PC Repair, Networking, and General Tech Support-related services; we charge a $40 travel fee for jobs where we travel to you, then $40 an hour thereafter. In most cases, virus and spyware removal requires no more than one to two hours. And we may be able to work remotely if the virus or spyware is not hampering your computer's ability to run or connect to the internet.

We offer a period of three days for follow-ups at no additional charge in the case that you are still experiencing similar issues after you use our service.


We also offer a 10 percent discount to active duty military members, teachers, and individuals over the age of 60.

Payment Methods

We accept payments by Card through Square, PayPal, Venmo, Checks, and Cash. We can also send Square invoices by email which you can pay online; whatever is most convenient for you.

Travel & Home Visits

We will travel up to 30 miles to you (we are located in the Slaughter/Manchaca area in South Austin). If you are a little father out, still give us a call and we probably come out for an additional fee. If you are dropping off to us, we will provide you with our address over the phone or by email (for privacy purposes). We service most surrounding Austin areas, such as Round Rock, Lakeway, San Marcos, Manchaca, and Buda.

Service Pricing

Virus / Spyware Removal & PC Speed Optimization

  • Up Front: $45 If we travel to you.
  • Hourly: $40
  • Average Estimate: $60 - $90

* We will work on Apple products.

Virus removal and speed optimization are usually not time intensive unless you have picked up something particularly bad on your computer, or if you have an older system which is initially running very slowly. Generally, a single machine may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to disinfect and/or optimize.

We can also disinfect/clean-up multiple machines in bulk for individuals and businesses. We can easily manage to work on two or three machines simultaneously, and more than one employee may be working. This makes it slightly more difficult to give a cost estimate here without knowing the number of computers we will be working on. If it is a large batch of active computers at a location such as an office, we will most likely need to travel to you and do the work on-site.

General Tech Support

  • Up Front: $45 If we travel to you.
  • Hourly: $40
  • Average Estimate: $40 - $90

General tech support covers basic help and instruction on everyday computer usage, or help with specific software you may be learning (or need help learning).

It also covers troubleshooting any simple (non virus related) annoyances/problems that you might encounter while using your PC. These are issues which can usually be resolved by software or OS configuration changes.

This type of support is a good candidate for remote support, though we understand if you would like to see us in person for your questions and will gladly travel to you or meet with you at our home office to assist you.

Physical Repair / Parts Replacement

  • Up Front: $40 Diagnostic Fee.
  • Hourly: $40
  • Average Estimate: $90 - $150

* We do not do physical repair on phones or tablets.

We can diagnose failed components that are either causing issues with your computer or preventing it from running, as well as find and install replacement parts. The cost of parts is not part of our hourly rate; we will inform you on the cost of parts and add the expense to the final bill.

We will work with you directly to find parts that fit your budget and performance needs when there are several alternatives in different price ranges, such as with processors, graphics cards, and hard drives.

We can replace Laptop screens, fans, hard drives, and batteries; we will also work on All-In-One PC’s.

We will only charge you the initial $30 diagnostic fee if you decide that the parts required to repair your computer are too expensive for you at the moment, or if we are unable to find replacement parts due to the age of your computer. If the repairs cannot be completed for one of these reasons or another, we will return your computer assembled and in the condition it came in.

Old PC to new PC Migration / OS Upgrades and Switches

  • Up Front: $45 If we travel to you.
  • Hourly: $40
  • Average Estimate: $60 - $90

This covers moving files from an older computer to your new computer or just between computers in general, including if the source machine is no longer working and non-repairable. It also covers moving personal files over to computers with operating systems that differ, such as if you plan on switching from Windows to Mac, Linux, or another OS.

We can also help you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 if you’re encountering problems with the automated upgrade process, or if you’re just unsure how to start it. If you have just purchased a new copy of Windows 10, then we can assist you with installing it as well.

We will always make sure that your personal files are preserved during operating system upgrades, and also install/reinstall any software that you may need after an upgrade has been performed.

Remote Desktop Support

  • Hourly: $40
  • Average Estimate: $40 - $80

Some problems we can work on using a remote desktop connection, and we will let you know if we think it’s an option for you. Depending on the circumstance, it may be possible for us to do virus removal and system speed optimizations remotely. However, when doing speed optimizations we prefer to do the work in-person; as a slowed system can make working with our remote support software quite time-consuming.

There are a few things that may hamper our ability to provide you with remote support. Firstly, your computer must be able to connect to the internet in order for us to perform remote service for you. In addition, certain viruses may interfere with your computer’s ability to use the internet or block you from running our support software, making it impossible for us to work without physical access to your computer.

Sophisticated viruses may require us to repeatedly restart or use your computer in Safe Mode, or even require us to remove your hard drive to clean malicious files from it using another computer; these procedures are also not conducive to remote support.

We will walk you through opening a remote connection with us on your computer, and then determine if we can continue to work on your problem remotely. If it is not feasible for us to work on your problem remotely, we will offer to travel to you or accept your computer as a drop-off and waive the fee for any time we spent connected with you.

Printer & Networked Printer Configuration / Troubleshooting

  • Up Front: $45 fee for travel.
  • Hourly (Home): $40
  • Hourly (Business): $50
  • Average Estimate (Home): $60 - $90
  • Average Estimate (Business): $80 - $120

Printer setup is generally quite brief when dealing with one printer and one PC in a home setting, though troubleshooting problems with older printers may take longer.

We can also configure networked office printers/print servers, and have experience with payroll check printing setups.

Network Configuration / Troubleshooting

  • Up Front: $45 fee for travel.
  • Hourly: $40
  • Hourly (Business): $40
  • Average Estimate (Home): $90 - $120
  • Average Estimate (Business): $90 - $120

Network configuration includes the setup of networked devices such as Network Attached Storage, IP Cameras, Smart TV’s, etc. This also covers the installation of Routers, additional Wireless Hot-Spots, and other networking equipment; as well as troubleshooting any form of internet connectivity issue.

A common request is to optimize internet connectivity in large homes/offices, which may require multiple wireless Hot-Spots and or Range Extenders to have WiFi access in all livable areas.

We do not currently offer wiring services, such as Ethernet cable wall drops or Coaxial Cable (cable wire) terminations.

Data Recovery

  • Up Front: $40 Fee to assess the condition of the drive/storage medium.
  • Hourly: $40 if successful, $0 if the drive is not recoverable.
  • Average Estimate: $80 - $240

* We will not travel to you.

Please note that we do not do data recovery on Thumb-drives and media such as SD-Cards unless you have simply accidentally deleted files or formatted the drive; we also do not do data recovery on phones.

The rate of success for Hard Drives which have been clicking or making suspect noises for extended periods of time is admittedly low, though there is a chance we can your recover data in this case with a few tricks. The success rate for recovering accidentally deleted files declines if you continue to use your computer for extended periods of time after the deletion occurs. But in general, there is a good chance accidentally deleted files can be recovered.

We will not do data recovery on MacBook laptops that make use of non-traditional hard drive connectors, as it is unfeasible for us to keep all of the specialized drive adapters on hand. We will need to know the exact model of your Mac in order to determine how the drive is setup and whether or not we can work on it.

We do not travel for data recovery jobs because we often need to use one of our workbench computers to read data from failing drives.

Custom PC’s / Hardware Upgrades

  • Up Front: $40 If we travel to you.
  • Hourly (Parts Picking Stage): $20
  • Hourly (Assembly/Installation Stage): $40
  • Average Estimate: $100 - $160

We can work with you on creating your own parts list, or select all your parts for you within a given budget. If you already have an idea of the parts you would like to use, we can go over your list to make sure everything you have picked is going to work optimally together, and make adjustments if necessary.

We will also assemble your computer in its entirety, assist you with assembling your computer, or install your new parts; even if you have already picked your parts and received them.

Most people typically request high performance builds and upgrades for gaming; however, we can also build budget desktops for everyday use. Other common builds include compact computers meant to be used as media centers, video surveillance recording computers, and more.

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