About Merriman IT

Merriman PC Repair was started by Vincent Merriman in late 2013 after years of fixing computers on the side for friends, acquaintances, and family using his accumulated knowledge of computers; developed through a love of gaming and writing software as a hobby.

It was founded to help people repair their computers at a more reasonable cost than big box stores, and also to provide what we feel to be more honest and thorough service. Eventually, upon acquiring additional talent and skills, "Merriman PC Repair" transformed into "Merriman IT" in order to represent our expanded offerings.

Merriman IT is currently headed by Vincent, who's knowledge covers a wide variety of computing subjects. His knowledge is mainly derived from long-standing fascinations and hands-on experience with computers, schooling, and past work experience.

Merriman IT has since become Vincent's full-time commitment and is now a respected and well-reviewed business located in South Austin.

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