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Our business hours are:
Monday to Friday: 10 am - 7 pm. Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm.
Vincent Merriman
Phone: 1-(512)-638-2733 Email:

You can bring computers and devices that need work directly to our home office, or we can come out to you. We might need more than one day to work on your computer depending on our current workload and the scope of your computer issues.

Services such as virus removal and system optimization tend to be completed by the next day, and on occasion the same day. If you would like to drop off a computer or device, we will provide you with the address of our home office when you contact us. We can also travel up to 30 miles to you for at-home service, and if you are a business you may be able to convince us to go a little further! Depending on the circumstance, we may need to return to our home office with your computer when a service like data-recovery is required, or if we expect large amounts of hands-off time will be spent waiting on typically long-running operations such as bulk file transfers and OS installs. Virus removal, system optimization, and general troubleshooting are good candidates for at-home visits because they do not require much time. As a given, our Network Configuration and Printer Configuration services will always require us to travel to you. If you would simply like to discuss one of our other services in-person such as Web Design and Online Marketing in order to gather an opinion on us, we can meet with you at a place of your choosing free of charge.

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