Online Marketing & SEO

  • Monthly: $85
  • With Web Maintenance: discounted to $75

* Discounted when using us for web maintenance.

We offer web based marketing services for $75 a month. We will help manage/build your web presence for you and maintain an active connection with your consumer base. We provide website content SEO and Google AdWords management; we can also manage your Google Business page, Facebook Posts, Facebook Ads Campaigns, Yelp, LinkedIn, and Twitter if you plan to use those, or are already using them.

We ensure a minimum of two Facebook posts a week, two Tweets, and we will check your Google AdWords for effectiveness twice a week; updating them as necessary to make sure you are getting your target number of visits to your website. We will always work carefully within your advertising budget, and as effectively as we can.

We also have experience working with various web based CRM software, primarily to run email campaigns and maintain newsletters. We are more than happy to use any specialized company tools that may be at your disposal and make them work for you, as well as other publicly available CRM services.

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