Custom PC’s / Hardware Upgrades

  • Up Front: $40 If we travel to you.
  • Hourly (Parts Picking Stage): $20
  • Hourly (Assembly/Installation Stage): $40
  • Average Estimate: $100 - $160

We can work with you on creating your own parts list, or select all your parts for you within a given budget. If you already have an idea of the parts you would like to use, we can go over your list to make sure everything you have picked is going to work optimally together, and make adjustments if necessary.

We will also assemble your computer in its entirety, assist you with assembling your computer, or install your new parts; even if you have already picked your parts and received them.

Most people typically request high performance builds and upgrades for gaming; however, we can also build budget desktops for everyday use. Other common builds include compact computers meant to be used as media centers, video surveillance recording computers, and more.

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