Data Recovery

  • Up Front: $40 Fee to assess the condition of the drive/storage medium.
  • Hourly: $40 if successful, $0 if the drive is not recoverable.
  • Average Estimate: $80 - $240

* We will not travel to you.

Please note that we do not do data recovery on Thumb-drives and media such as SD-Cards unless you have simply accidentally deleted files or formatted the drive; we also do not do data recovery on phones.

The rate of success for Hard Drives which have been clicking or making suspect noises for extended periods of time is admittedly low, though there is a chance we can your recover data in this case with a few tricks. The success rate for recovering accidentally deleted files declines if you continue to use your computer for extended periods of time after the deletion occurs. But in general, there is a good chance accidentally deleted files can be recovered.

We will not do data recovery on MacBook laptops that make use of non-traditional hard drive connectors, as it is unfeasible for us to keep all of the specialized drive adapters on hand. We will need to know the exact model of your Mac in order to determine how the drive is setup and whether or not we can work on it.

We do not travel for data recovery jobs because we often need to use one of our workbench computers to read data from failing drives.

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