Old PC to new PC Migration / OS Upgrades and Switches

  • Up Front: $45 If we travel to you.
  • Hourly: $40
  • Average Estimate: $60 - $90

This covers moving files from an older computer to your new computer or just between computers in general, including if the source machine is no longer working and non-repairable. It also covers moving personal files over to computers with operating systems that differ, such as if you plan on switching from Windows to Mac, Linux, or another OS.

We can also help you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 if you’re encountering problems with the automated upgrade process, or if you’re just unsure how to start it. If you have just purchased a new copy of Windows 10, then we can assist you with installing it as well.

We will always make sure that your personal files are preserved during operating system upgrades, and also install/reinstall any software that you may need after an upgrade has been performed.

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