Physical Repair / Parts Replacement

  • Up Front: $40 Diagnostic Fee.
  • Hourly: $40
  • Average Estimate: $90 - $150

* We do not do physical repair on phones or tablets.

We can diagnose failed components that are either causing issues with your computer or preventing it from running, as well as find and install replacement parts. The cost of parts is not part of our hourly rate; we will inform you on the cost of parts and add the expense to the final bill.

We will work with you directly to find parts that fit your budget and performance needs when there are several alternatives in different price ranges, such as with processors, graphics cards, and hard drives.

We can replace Laptop screens, fans, hard drives, and batteries; we will also work on All-In-One PC’s.

We will only charge you the initial $30 diagnostic fee if you decide that the parts required to repair your computer are too expensive for you at the moment, or if we are unable to find replacement parts due to the age of your computer. If the repairs cannot be completed for one of these reasons or another, we will return your computer assembled and in the condition it came in.

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